Bella Collina residents protest

Bella Collina residents protest

We are residents of Bella Collina. We want to share with you the experience we've had in the community so you can be better informed!

Know that Dwight Schar, the owner of Bella Collina, has invested one million dollars to fight us in court so we will not reveal the truth to the world. Moreover, Dwight Schar instructed, or is aware, of the intimidation and harassment of his team (Randall Greene and Paul Simonson) against women, children and families in Bella Collina that dared stand up and reveal the truth of what's really going on in this "peaceful looking" community.

About 500 to 700 families-homeowners who lost more than $700,000,000 in Bella Collina which has been called "JINXED WITH BAD LUCK." Almost all homeowners ended up losing a great deal of money in Bella Collina. 18 years since it was formed, there is only about 10% real family occupancy.

To a visitor, Bella Collina looks heavenly. But to the 500+ families that escaped Bella Collina, and those who are stuck paying $8,000-$13,000 in annual fees, BELLA COLLINA CAN BE SCARY AND JINXED WITH BAD LUCK. Moving here is simply a bad investment because they fell for the look and didn't do their homework.

To investigate, research and inform the public of scams, corruptions, wrong doings and unethical acts. Fight for justice, real democracy, and social equality by way of media exposure.

Bella Collina Residents Complain of Intimidation and Harassment

Residents of Bella Colina complain of an unsafe community, as well as harassment and intimidation by the management (Dwight Schar, Randall Greene , Paul Simonson, Spencer Schar). Watch this video to learn.

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Dwight Schar's team spy on residents, harass and intimidate if they dare expressing an opinion or exposing what's really going on in Bella Collina.

Bella Collina is JINXED with BAD LUCK

These creatures are everywhere in Bella Collina and mainly around the houses like a plague or a curse. I think hundreds of families that abounded Bella Collina and even lost ALL their INVESTMENTS feel that Bella Collina is #JINXED with #BadLuck and is #BadInvestment. That's why probably Bella Collina Florida has only about 10-12% of really family occupancy year-round.

Considering buying a home in bella collina?


Buying a home? Getting married?
Watch the video


You can hear/see arguing couple, loud music, intimacy...

This is how close Bella Collina homes are designed. Even if there's an empty lot next door, it will be built like this.

Not only you can look into each other's windows, but you can hear the neighbors talking, arguing or fighting. Even romantic moments you don't want to share with your neighbors... on the LEFT and on the RIGHT.


What about TV or music at hours you want to sleep?

What about the neighbors' kids playing basketball?

Cars breaking?

Many think that THIS IS NOT "LUXURY".

Now, what about leaving nearby a wedding venue with loud music and drunk people having fun when you try to get some rest?