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  1. Use of the pool at any time is at the swimmer's own risk. Any injuries or accidents should be reported to the attendant immediately.

  2. Everyone wishing to use the pool facilities must first register and present their membership card. Members must register their guests and are responsible for the payment of any appropriate charges as the Club may determine from time to time.

  3. Children 12 years and younger must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.

  4. Children must be three years of age and toilet trained to use the adult pool. Children wearing diapers are not permitted in any pool.

  5. Swimming is permitted only during designated hours. The pool is officially closed when a "CLOSED" sign is posted.

  6. Showers are required before entering the pool.

  7. Bottles, glass objects, drinking glasses and sharp objects are not permitted in the pool area. Trash should be placed in the proper receptacles located throughout the pool area.

  8. Food is allowed only in designated areas of the pool facilities.

  9. All swimmers must wear bona fide swimming attire. Cut-offs, dungarees and Bermuda shorts are not considered appropriate swimwear. Proper non-swim attire is required at all times in the Clubhouse, other than in the locker rooms. Shoes or other foot coverings and caftans or shirts must be worn outside the pool area.

  10. Radios, televisions and audiovisual equipment are permitted only when played at a sound level which is not offensive to other Members and guests.

  11. Animals, bicycles, skateboards, play balls of any type and coolers are not permitted in the pool area.

  12. Lifesaving and pool cleaning equipment should be used only for the purposes intended.

  13. Running, ball playing and hazardous activities are not permitted in the pool area. Pushing, dunking and dangerous games are prohibited.

  14. Diving is not permitted unless otherwise indicated at the pool.

  15. Fishing, spear fishing and snorkeling equipment, other than a mask and snorkel, are not to be used in the pool area except as part of an organized course of instruction.

  16. Throwing footballs, Frisbees, tennis balls or other objects, spitting or spouting water, and tag games are not allowed in the pool area. The pool staff has the authority to expel from the pool area anyone who does not follow these rules or whose conduct is otherwise unbecoming of a Member.

  17. Swimming parties may be arranged through the Club in advance of the occasion.

  18. All persons using pool furniture are required to cover the furniture with a towel when using suntan oils and lotions, as the use of these oils and lotions could stain or damage the furniture.

  19. All persons using the pool area are urged to cooperate in keeping the area clean by properly disposing of towels, cans, cigarettes, and all other trash in the proper receptacles.

  20. Flotation devices are permitted for non-swimming children up to five years of age. Small toys such as balls, water guns, rings, etc., may be permitted, depending on the number of persons in the pool and the manner in which the toys are used. Air mattresses may be permitted, depending on the size of the mattress and the number of persons in the pool. The pool staff has the authority to discontinue use of these mattresses upon the determination that they present a safety hazard or hinder the enjoyment of the pool by others. Tire inner tubes are not permitted at any time.

  21. Persons who leave the pool area for over 30 minutes must relinquish lounges and chairs by removing all towels and personal belongings. Saving chairs for persons absent from the pool area is prohibited.

  22. Nude or topless sunbathing is expressly prohibited.


  1. All Club Members are entitled to participate in any spa programs which may periodically be offered and to utilize all spa services, amenities and facilities as they may exist from time to time, and subject to payment of any fees, space availability, and these Rules and Regulations, as they may exist from time to time.

  2. Only persons 16 years of age or older are permitted in the spa and no person under such age shall be permitted access to the spa or use of any spa services, equipment or amenities. Children under the age of 16 may be permitted to use the spa and fitness facilities at the discretion of the Club, and with written approval of their parents.

  3. Operating Hours: Regular operating hours of the spa will be posted at the spa. From time to time, the hours of operation of the spa may be changed or the spa may be closed for necessary repairs or maintenance.

  4. Members are permitted to bring guests to the spa subject to the policies and procedures specified by the Club. A guest fee will be charged for each guest in addition to fees for the use of specific spa services. All guests, upon entry to the spa, must sign in and register.

  5. All exercise classes and class times shall be determined by the spa operator, and may be changed from time to time. Personal exercise trainers not employed by the spa are not permitted to conduct personal exercise training programs on Bella Collina Club property.

  6. All Members must present their Membership card at the spa reception desk and register before entry into or use of the spa facility. Membership cards will be retained at the reception desk until the Members check out of the spa.

  7. Casual workout attire is acceptable. Cut-offs and/or torn garments shall not be permitted to be worn in any exercise areas of the spa.

  8. No bare feet are allowed outside of the steam, sauna and treatment areas.

  9. For sanitary reasons, shaving is not permitted in the sauna or steam room.

  10. Consult your physician before using the steam or sauna treatment rooms. These treatments produce dry and moist heat and generally reach temperatures above 105 degrees. It is not advisable to remain in the treatment rooms for more than five minutes at any one time.

  11. Never use a sauna or steam treatment when you are under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, or when you have taken antihistamines, tranquilizers, vasoconstrictors, vasodilators or stimulants.

  12. Never go into a sauna or steam treatment on a full stomach. Wait at least two hours after a heavy meal before using a sauna or steam treatment.

  13. Following a strenuous exercise period, DO NOT GO DIRECTLY INTO A SAUNA OR STEAM TREATMENT. Rest and cool down; allow your pulse to return as close as possible to your resting rate before entering these facilities.


Spa services

  1. Appointment cancellations must be made eight hours in advance or you will be billed at a rate of 50% for the service.

  2. We ask that you arrive 15 to 20 minutes prior to your service to relax and prepare for your treatment. If you are late for your appointment, it may be shortened to allow the therapist to be on time for the next appointment.

  3. For your convenience, a 20% service fee will be added to the charge for each treatment.

Locker room facilities

  1. Members must check in at the reception desk of the spa.

  2. Day lockers are available on a per visit basis. Locker keys must be returned at time of checkout. A fee will be charged for keys which are not returned.

  3. We recommend you not bring valuables into the spa. Each person entering the spa assumes liability for the loss of any items stored in a locker or common closet.

  4. For fire safety reasons, all clothing and personal articles must be stored in a locker or common closet in the locker room and not under benches or in the common areas.

General fitness rules

  1. All persons using the fitness facilities do so at their own risk and may be required to execute such forms releasing the Club from liability for their use of the Club's Facilities as determined from time to time.

  2. For Members' safety, no leg weights or wrist weights may be worn during exercise classes unless specified as part of the class by your fitness instructor.

  3. It is the responsibility of all persons to obtain instruction on how to use the equipment prior to usage of such equipment, and the equipment is only to be used in accordance with such instructions.

  4. It is the responsibility of each person using the fitness facilities to consult with his or her physician, and such person should be in good physical condition and have no physical, medical or psychological conditions, disabilities, impairments or ailments, chronic or otherwise, which would preclude, impair or prevent the Member from using the fitness facilities, equipment or amenities or engaging in active or passive exercise. Members assume full risk of loss and responsibility for damage to their health if the foregoing representations are not and do not continue to remain true.

  5. Regular operating hours for the fitness facilities will be posted by the Club and may be changed from time to time.

  6. A health questionnaire must be completed and signed before using the fitness facilities. No physician or nurse will be on duty.

  7. All Members and their guests must sign in at the front desk.

  8. Guest fees may be charged for use of the fitness facilities. If fees are established, the Member's account will be billed.

  9. All weights and pieces of equipment must be returned to their proper places at the completion of use.

  10. Casual workout attire is acceptable at the fitness facilities including tee-shirts, tank tops, gym shorts or warm-up pants for men; and leotards, tights, tee-shirts, tank tops, gym shorts or warm-up pants for women. Only aerobic or court shoes may be worn at the fitness facility. No black-soled shoes shall be permitted at the fitness facility.

  11. Pregnant women should not use those fitness facilities that would elevate their core body temperature.

  12. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at the fitness facility. No food or drink may be brought onto the premises.

  13. No clothing or personal articles may be stored under benches or in the common areas.

  14. Children under 16 years of age are not permitted to use the fitness facilities unless accompanied or supervised by an adult.

  15. Horseplay, profanity, disruptive conduct and indiscreet behavior at the fitness facilities is strictly prohibited.

  16. Stereos, televisions and tapes should be enjoyed at a volume so as not to disturb fellow Members.

  17. All jewelry must be removed prior to exercising.


Rules governing member vote on equity conversion

  1. A quorum shall be at least 50% of the votes entitled to be cast.

  2. Only Memberships in good standing shall entitle the Member to voting rights as prescribed in the Plan.

  3. If a Membership is jointly owned by both spouses, either spouse may cast all of the votes associated with such Membership. The total number of votes associated with the Membership cannot be split between the two spouses. If both spouses cast a vote, the votes shall be treated as if only one voted if the two votes are identical and shall be treated as if neither voted if there is any difference in the vote and thereby voided.

  4. The vote may be handled by mail, without a formal meeting of the Members. Written notice of the vote and a ballot or proxy form must be sent to the Members at least 10 days, but not more than 60 days, before the date the completed and signed ballot or proxy form is required to be submitted to the Club by the Members in order to vote. The written notice of the vote and the ballot or proxy form shall be deemed given to a Member when deposited in the United States first class mail in a sealed envelope addressed to the address for such Member in the Club's records, with postage thereon. For purposes of determining which Members are entitled to vote, the record date shall be the business day before the date on which the written notice of the vote is sent to Members or such other date determined by the Club. If a formal meeting is held, Members may vote by proxy in a form determined by the Company.

Prepared by: Don Juravin Holy Land Man

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