Don Karl Juravin Fights Bella Collina Gag Order and Wins

Don Karl Juravin is definitely the inventor of the Gastric Bypass ALTERNATIVE®, a revolutionary, non-surgical weight-loss regimen that allows customers to achieve a healthier weight, without the need of resorting to potentially dangerous surgery. 500,000 persons on social media adhere to Juravin and his life saving invention.

Juravin appears to fight for everything he believes is right. He does it without the need of compromise, using his personal time and money for the benefit of others. He often reminds his legal group: Non sibi, sed patriae (not for self, but for country), which also happens to be the motto of your U.S. Navy.

As outlined by Juravin, in 2015, he and his loved ones had been lured by Stockworth Realty to get a property within the Bella Collina improvement, positioned close to Orlando. The Stockworth agent made what turned out to become a deceptive presentation, and didn't reveal the dark history of Bella Collina, which included more than 400 lawsuits, and accusations of your use of "mafia tactics" by Bella Collina management, by means of Randall Greene, an agent of your developer. As an alternative, he was assured that this was a when within a lifetime chance and that the community was “very respected.”

For the duration of 2016, the Juravin loved ones discovered that the Bella Collina Country Club is little greater than a noisy venue for weddings and business events, instead of a luxury nation club for the Bella Collina residents. Juravin discovered that facilities which can be not routinely part of these events are permitted to fall into disrepair. One example is, the club’s pool is discovered to become cold, dirty, and deserted. The "club" is actually a sales workplace, not neighborhood oriented, as well as the family of a 7-year-old girl was asked to pay thousands of dollars for any birthday party.

In contrast for the club’s glossy, highly-advertised wedding venue, Juravin found the Bella Collina residential region to become neglected and uncared for. His household knowledgeable Bella Collina as “trashy”, with workers’ automobiles parked everywhere, construction debris scattered all through the house, plus the entire improvement poorly managed.

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Caring deeply regarding the neighborhood he calls dwelling, Mr. Juravin approached Bella Collina management and presented sensible solutions. These integrated improved lighting in the entrance for the “ghost town” improvement, and replacing an old, unsafe security contact box that shocked everyone who applied it. When Bella Collina’s management showed no interest in making even minor necessary improvements over the course of a year, Juravin took action to lastly get the management’s interest: he wrote an insider Google overview, with supporting images and documentation, with the “trashy” side of Bella Collina.

Shortly following voicing his issues, Mr. Juravin and his family members became the victims of “mafia tactics”: the family’s guests have been harassed at the security gate, fixtures inside the backyard of their house had been mysteriously broken, as well as the pump equipment that operated their pool was vandalized. Harassing text messages soon followed from “burner” mobile phones, from region codes all across the nation.

Randall Greene, who was accused in court of stealing a residence by way of a fraudulent real estate transaction, manages Bella Collina. Greene is involved with Dwight Schar, a billionaire true estate developer and element owner on the Washington Redskins. Schar is perceived by Juravin, too as other people within the neighborhood, as the head shot-caller in Bella Collina, even though Randall Greene is his henchman.

And Juravin was not alone. Similar horror stories of retaliation against other residents who dared to stand up for their rights soon made their technique to the Juravin household.

Inside a classic tale of David and Goliath, Juravin strived to make the public aware in the poor experiences shared by Bella Collina residents and lot owners. Dwight Schar, using the aid of Randall Greene and an army of lawyers, sought to silence Juravin by petitioning to get a court order.

At a current hearing that took location in Lake County Circuit Court in front of judge Richard Singletary, Bella Collina retreated from its earlier request for a full “gag order” that would prohibit Juravin from voicing any damaging opinions about Bella Collina. Alternatively, Bella Collina now asks the Court to prevent Juravin from utilizing phrases including “mafia tactics” in connection with Bella Collina, also as the use of hashtags identifying those with whom Bella Collina and Schar have small business connections (for instance #NickFaldo, #LeeJanzen #Marriott, and #Disney) which Mr. Juravin utilizes to inform them about what's happening within this community.

Juravin states that his win in court is really a victory for all community residents that are fed up with bad neighborhood management. He believes that Judge Singletary will understand that granting Bella Collina ’s request would infringe on Mr. Juravin’s rights beneath the initial Amendment.