Bella Collina is a luxurious community located in Orlando, Florida. An Italian styled(Tuscan inspired) community with a private spring-fed lake, golf course, spa and a club. It has about 900 houses and it suppose to be home for the exact same number of families.

​Bella Collina is the brainchild of Edward Robert Ginn III. Once imagined to be luxurious community with lots of families living there, today it looks like a ghost town with less then 10% occupancy in total and 17 years of aggressive but not successful sales attempts.

Today, Bella Collina in Florida is owned, financed and/or controlled by Dwight Schar. He used to be a billionaire but started losing his fortune at the time he hired Paul Simonson.

Over 500 lawsuits have been filed in Bella Collina, either by the greedy staff or by the disgruntled homeowners who wish to have their problems solved. In 2017, several homeowners filed a class-action lawsuit against Dwight Schar, Randall Greene, and Paul Simonson. The lawsuit accused them of conspiracy, fraud, and racketeering. But the lawsuit was dismissed on a technicality.

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Families lost millions of dollars investing in Bella Collina and fled the community after a short time living in it, turning it into a ghost town.

Residents complain that Bella Collina in Florida is not a luxury and that many homeowners left disappointed and scammed only after a short period of time.

Maybe that would not have not been that bad if the community was only at the start of its work. But Bella Collina has been around for 18 years (the community was started in 2002).

What is the problem with Bella Collina? Why a bad management is turning this community into a desolate place?