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  1. The Rules of Golf as adopted by the USGA together with the Rules of Etiquette as adopted by the USGA shall be the rules of the Club, except when in conflict with local rules or with any of the rules herein.

  2. "Cutting-in" is not permitted at any time. All players must check in with the starter. Under no circumstances are players permitted to start play from residences.

  3. Practice is not allowed on the golf course. The practice facilities should be used for all practice.

  4. Speed of play: It is the goal of all players to complete their round in less than four hours. This amount of time is more than adequate, provided all players remain aware of the rights of others to play without delay. It is the responsibility of each group to keep pace with the group ahead. The Club reserves the right to implement a G.P.S. system to monitor the pace of play. If a group falls one complete hole behind the group ahead, the group should allow the following group to go through. It is each group's responsibility to be observant of its position on the course and keep pace. The course advisor has the authority to keep play moving at the proper pace for all players' enjoyment. Players unable to keep proper pace may be requested to leave the course.

  5. If a player is repeatedly warned for slow play, the Club may take such action as it deems appropriate, including without limitation, restricting the person's use of the golf courses during certain times of the day.

  6. All players who stop after playing nine holes for any reason must occupy the next tee before the following players arrive at the tee or they shall lose their position on the golf course and must get permission from the starter to resume play.

  7. All tournament play must be approved in advance by the Golf Professional.

  8. Enter and leave bunkers at the nearest level point to the green and smooth sand over with a rake upon leaving.

  9. Repair all ball marks on the green.

  10. Repair all divots.

  11. Searching for balls other than those played by Members of the group is not allowed on the course at any time.

  12. Each player must have his or her own set of golf clubs.

  13. Proper golf attire is required for all players, as previously described.

  14. If lightning is in the area, all play shall cease.

  15. Jogging, bicycling, fishing or recreational walking is not permitted on the golf course at any time.

  16. No beverage coolers are permitted on the course unless provided by the Club at Bella Collina.

  17. "Discontinued Play" Policy: less than three holes played -- full 18-hole credit; less than 12 holes played - nine-hole credit.

  18. Twosomes may play at the discretion of the pro shop. Twosomes should not expect to play through foursomes and should not exert any pressure on the groups ahead. Foursomes shall have the right of way.

  19. Singles shall have no priority on the golf course and shall be permitted to play only at the discretion of the pro shop. Singles should not expect to play through other groups and should not exert any pressure on groups ahead.

  20. Groups of five or more players shall only be permitted on the golf course with the permission of the pro shop.

  21. Walking is permitted during times designated by the pro shop. The Club may restrict walking privileges in its discretion.


The hours of play and pro shop hours shall be posted in the pro shop. The pro shop shall determine when the golf course is fit for play.


  1. Starting times may be made in person or by phone during pro shop hours.

  2. Starting time changes must be approved by the pro shop.

  3. Any player who fails to cancel their starting time 24 hours prior to their scheduled starting time shall be charged a fee according to the Club’s current Statement of Fees, Dues and Charges for the unused round.

  4. Members should notify the pro shop of any cancellation as soon as possible.


  1. All Members and guests must register in the pro shop before beginning play, and all Members shall present their Membership cards at registration.

  2. Failure to check in and register ten minutes prior to a reserved starting time may result in assignment of another starting time or cancellation, at the discretion of the starter.


  1. The practice range is open during normal operating hours as posted in the pro shop. The practice range may be closed for general maintenance at the Club's discretion.

  2. Range balls are for use on the practice range and may not be used on the golf course. You may not use your own golf balls on the driving range.

  3. Golf carts are not permitted on any tee area. Parking of golf carts is allowed in designated areas.

  4. Balls must be hit from designated areas. No hitting is permitted from the rough or sides of the practice range.

  5. Proper golf attire is required at all times on the practice range.

  6. Ball shaggers are not permitted.

  7. Lessons by unauthorized professionals are prohibited.


  1. The use of golf carts is mandatory, and no more than two golf carts per group are permitted without approval from golf cart staff.

  2. Golf carts shall not be used by a Member or guest on the Club Facilities without proper assignment and registration in the pro shop.

  3. Golf carts may only be used on the golf course when the course is open for play.

  4. Golf carts may only be operated by persons at least 16 years of age having a valid automobile driver's license.

  5. Only two persons and two sets of golf clubs are permitted per golf cart.

  6. Obey all golf cart traffic signs.

  7. Always use golf cart paths where provided.

  8. Be careful to avoid soft areas on fairways, especially after rains. Use roughs whenever possible.

  9. Never drive a golf cart through a hazard.

  10. Operation of a golf cart is at the risk of the operator. Persons who are or appear to be legally intoxicated may not operate a golf cart. Cost of repair to a golf cart which is damaged by the Member, a family member or a guest of the Member shall be charged to the Member. Each Member shall be held fully responsible for any and all damages, including damages to the golf cart, that is caused by the misuse of the golf cart by the Member, his or her family members or guests, and shall reimburse the Club and/or any operator of the Club for any and all damages the Club may sustain by reason of misuse.

  11. Each Member accepts and assumes all responsibility for liability connected with operation of the golf cart. The Member also expressly indemnifies and agrees to hold harmless the Released Parties from any and all damages, whether direct or consequential, arising from or related to the Member, his or her family members' or guests', use and operation of the golf cart.

  12. "Course Closed" or "Hole Closed" signs are to be adhered to without exception.

  13. Violations of the golf cart rules may result in loss of golf cart privileges and/or playing privileges.

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