HOAs are difficult to deal with. Thousands of homeowners are currently battling their HOAs in court.

Homeowners’ Associations tend to slap ridiculous rules and regulations on the people who have agreed to follow the HOA rules.

But what happens when the HOA’s community is owned by a powerful billionaire and his henchmen?

Dwight Schar and his company, DCS Investments, control the Florida community Bella Collina. The neighborhood’s HOA supposedly is run by the homeowners, but because of the lack of homeowners, DCS Investments and its employees run the show.

Don Juravin, a man who wants other people to know the truth about Bella Collina, started a website and wrote honest reviews. He and his family had been persecuted by Bella Collina’s staff after trying to get the neighborhood to fix its problems.

After several lawsuits, Bella Collina’s attorneys, on the payroll of DCS Investments, sent a letter threatening WordPress if they did not censor or ban Don Juravin’s honest WordPress website.

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Facts from these sites reveal:

  • Dwight Schar’s Bella Collina is a failure with the facts provided.

  • Spencer Schar was arrested and accused of assaulting two women.

  • There are portapotties on the streets of Bella Collina and other pictures over four years that demonstrate a trashy environment in Bella Collina with what Juravin describes, “management that doesn’t care but for sales”.

  • The Club is actually a wedding venue more than serving the community. Residents can be trapped into lifetime agreement of up to $80,000 down payment and $10,000 a year.

  • The Bella Collina houses are very close together. There is little privacy afforded to those living in the community.

  • Bella Collina was a bad investment for hundreds of families and the majority of homebuyers who lost hundreds of millions. Juravin provides an illustration called “scary investment in Bella Collina” based on Zillow showing a regular house value dropping 7.2% in one month in Bella Collina.