Don Karl Juravin as an entrepreneur, mentor, guide and an activist is trying to help people by exposing scams and abuse across the country.

One way of helping the people is by protecting the homeowners by reviewing companies and communities like Bella Collina in Orlando, Florida and setting a warning sign to potential buyers about the risks of making an investment and losing millions of dollars.

According to their website, Bella Collina is: Widely known for its iconic 75,000-square-foot clubhouse. Bella Collina is an award-winning Tuscan-inspired luxury community with a rare private spring-fed lake, Sir Nick Faldo-designed championship golf course, resort-style pool complex, spa and salon, Sportivo Centro fitness center, Har-Tru tennis courts, multiple dining venues, and top-rated meeting space and ballroom facility,”.

​It was soon discovered that was not the real picture of Bella Collina.

Bella Collina is being caught with over 500 lawsuits filed from the previous homeowners who lost fortune investing there. The real picture is that after 17 years of tremendous sales efforts, the place is still a ghost town with an estimated less then 10% of a real family occupancy. That is: 800 out of 900 homes are empty.

Bella Collina in Florida is owned, financed and/or controlled by Dwight Schar. He used to be a billionaire but started losing his fortune at the time he hired Paul Simonson and partnered with the Richard Arrighi.

Don Juravin’s experience is that Dwight Schar’s large legal team has been trying for years to silence him from revealing the truth about Bella Collina and its long history of accusations of corruption (scam, fraud, and racketeering) in court cases filed by families in Bella Collina.

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Don Karl Juravin is an activist who fights for the rights of the people, justice and peace for all. Juravin loves helping people. He is an activist and a peacemaker. Having served in the Israeli army and in the American troops in Europe, Juravin doesn't take "No" for an answer. He is strongly motivated and encouraged to help and protect the people.

One of his latest forms of activism is the support of the "Black Lives Matter" movement.

Don Juravin placed a sign in his yard supporting the peaceful protesters, but was opposed by the management of Bella Collina to remove the sign from the yard and ask for permission. Of course he fought and won.

The sign kept flying in Juravin's family yard, but one question left unanswered: Why the oppression and demand to remove the sign of supporting the most powerful movement in the latest years in the US?

Don Karl Juravin is a strong supporter of the Black Lives Matter #BLM movement. He believes in ending the systematic racism and its roots in the society. There is one problem here, the community(the HOA) in which Don Karl Juravin lives, Bella Collina, doesn't agree with him.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Juravin placed a large sign out in front of his house that expressed support for the recent protests over police brutality, especially in regards to the death of George Floyd.

But Dwight Schar and Randall Greene tried to make Juravin take the sign down, using the court. They filed an injunction for the removal of the sign.

Whether you live in a gated community or in a normal neighborhood district, one thing can be certain. The Homeowner’s Association you are forced to work with has a list of unnecessary rules and an even longer list of lawyers.

In Bella Collina, resident Don Juravin and his family have been suffering “selective enforcement” as a form of retaliation from Dwight Schar’s controlled HOA after posting an honest online review exposing the truth about Bella Collina.