Dwight Schar Tries To Silence Don Juravin For Telling the Truth About Bella Collina

Source: Prfire

Billionaire Dwight Schar, through his endless powerful law firms acting via various companies in his control, is trying again to silence homeowner Don Juravin from revealing his experience living in Dwight Schar’s Bella Collina community in Florida.

The former RNC chairman of the finance committee sent his legal team, or his Bella Collina workers, to frighten WordPress into taking Don Juravin off their platform. However, instead of being intimidated by Schar’s team move, WordPress stood up for the truth and for the First Amendment and told Don Juravin what was happening.

The site BellaCollina.homes has published only facts, residents’ experiences and opinions since its conception. According to Don Juravin, he is fighting to protect homeowners by revealing his vast experience leaving in Bella Collina and Dwight Schar’s team harassment and intimidation of his family and others.

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Juravin Fights Dwight Schar For Free Speech

Don Juravin claims that Dwight Schar’s Bella Collina wasn’t so straight forward with the district Florida judge when they prepared the injunction themselves asking the judge “only to sign on it”. This injunction stripped Mr. Juravin of his ability to exercise his right to free speech. Moreover, Dwight Schar, through his companies, attorneys firms, and workers are going to great extent intimidate, harass and take borderline illegal actions against Juravin, his wife, young daughters, and even pets in order to stop him from revealing the truth as ABC EyeWitness News report is their investigation “Homeowner Dealing With Mafia-Like Behavior in Luxury Lake County Community

It all started when Don Juravin placed his review of his bad experience in Bella Collina after 10 months of pleading to its management for improvements in the so-called “luxury” community. Dwight Schar’s company workers were fast to start harassment and retaliation not only against Mr. Juravin but also targeted his wife, his business, his young daughters and their pets.

According to Mr. Juravin, Dwight Schar should have been well aware of the mismanagement and targeting of his family and instead of asking the court to prevent his from calling his workers’ behavior “bullying” and “mafia-like” behavior, Mr. Schar should have given a clear instruction to his workers to stop the harassment and retaliation and approached Mr. Juravin to settle the case.

According to Don Juravin, while Dwight Schar‘s Bella Collina accused him of libel and slander, all of the items published on his blog are facts, not fiction. Mr. Juravin is not making this up for no reason, he is publishing the facts to protect people. Don Juravin was born in the Holy Land to a holocaust surviving family and having served in the Israeli Army IDF is realy to fight for the truth and at all costs against the billionaire Dwight Schar. He hopes the courts will stand up with the truth and not with the rich.

Juravin carries his Bella Collina and Dwight Schar’s exposure on these platforms: *See bottom for links

Facts from these sites reveal:

  • Dwight Schar’s Bella Collina is a failure with the facts provided.

  • Spencer Schar was arrested and accused of assaulting two women.

  • There are portapotties on the streets of Bella Collina and other pictures over four years that demonstrate a trashy environment in Bella Collina with what Juravin describes, “management that doesn’t care but for sales”.

  • The Club is actually a wedding venue more than serving the community. Residents can be trapped into lifetime agreement of up to $80,000 down payment and $10,000 a year.

  • The Bella Collina houses are very close together. There is little privacy afforded to those living in the community.

  • Bella Collina was a bad investment for hundreds of families and the majority of homebuyers who lost hundreds of millions. Juravin provides an illustration called “scary investment in Bella Collina” based on Zillow showing a regular house value dropping 7.2% in one month in Bella Collina.

  • Class action-filled accusing Dwight Schar and Bella Collina for scam and fraud.

How is the statement of facts libel and slander? Asks Juravin.

This is not the first time Dwight Schar’s Bella Collina has tried to take down Don Juravin’s nonprofit public service. Google suspended JURAVIN RESEARCH through Dwight Schar’s suspected trickery. Google has since restored Juravin’s nonprofit website.